Weekly Update September 17

Students are enjoying our morning devotion time together and praying for what they are thankful for! Students have learned Psalm 119:11 and we have discussed the importance of keeping God’s word in your heart.

In Language Arts we completed our booklet on Capitalization, worked on comprehension stories, literacy centers (Daily Five), printing skills, writing full sentences and continued with Author’s Purpose for writing a story.

In Math we continued with number concepts to 10 including numeral and word identification, counting objects, adding objects, and more, less and fewer. These concepts are a review from Grade 1 materials taught.

We have learned about all of the Zones of Regulation – Green (feeling good); Blue (feeling sad, tired, sick, bored); Yellow (anxious, worried, wiggly, frustrated, silly); Red (mad, out of control, frustrated, terrified, furious). We watched the movie Inside Out to help us further understand these zones.

We created a class quilt with patterned colouring! Students used 5 coloured markers of their choice to create their patterns. The results are absolutely beautiful! Well done Grade 2’s:)

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